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    Kosher Belgelendirme

In Turkey, kosher document the most affordable price, highest quality, most comprehensive technical support by auditors approved by the Jerusalem-Israel Hahambaşlıg it issued the kosher certificate.

Üzümsan A.Ş.

Üzümsan A.Ş. is a sequel of the company Jozef E. Kohen, which was established in 1930. Three generations have been actually worked and are still working at the company. Üzümsan A.Ş. is among the very first companies receiving a Quality Certificate in the industry and has a Quality Certificate experience of more than 20 years.

How to get the Kosher Certificate?


After reviewing your application, the date of the audit is determined if it is appropriate to obtain a kosher certificate.


We specify locations that are not in accordance with the certificate in your factory and we will guide you how to correct them.

Inspector Review

After making the corrections, our inspectors make their final checks and prepare their reports.

Certificate Issuance

If all conditions are appropriate, the certificate is prepared and delivered when you make the certificate payment.

Kosher Certificate

Kosher are those products that are not objectionable to eat and use in religious terms in Jewish faith. The rules identifying them are called Kashrut or Kashruth rules. The origin of the Kashrut Rules is the divine commandments in the Torah texts. Some certain rules must be complied with in the process elapsing from the start of production to the consumption of products pursuant to the rules of the Jewish religion related to the consumption of foodstuff in accordance with faith.


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